Tips to choose the location where to stay

Deciding location of residence is not something easy, there are important things to consider. When imagining a place to stay, we usually want a place that is safe and comfortable. Not only is comfort and security in the home, but also the security and comfort of the environment and the atmosphere around. As much as possible, within residence and place of work is also not far away.

In searching for the right location, there are a few tips to help you make the right decision.

*The condition of the main road*
The main road heading into an important access point to your home. If the condition is not good (lots of holes), or difficult to reach (for example, because of the narrow width of the road for vehicles), it helps you to consider another location for where you live.

*Conditions of service of water, electricity and telephone*
Actually this is a requirement of completeness of your home. However, the location you choose may affect access to and continuity of your household utilities. If a particular location famous blackout-prone, you would need to consider this factor.

*Environmental cleanliness*
Cleanliness is the base health. If the place you live is not clean, then you and your family’s health is threatened. Especially considering you and your family will spend more time in this neighborhood. Note the cleanliness of the neighborhood, including the distance from home to the temporary dump, or who always got clogged

If you live in a big city, the level of pollution is also a determining factor. If high levels of air pollution, the health will be endangered. If your home location is close to major highways or roads, then chances are you are more affected by the pollution. In addition to air pollution, noise pollution can disturb your peace of life at home.

What’s more greening certainly more interesting. Greening will give the impression of relaxation to the eyes. With more greening, usually air quality will also be better.

*Flood free*
Flood free to be one of the most important criteria in determining the location of the house. Routine housekeeping should be very disturbed if your residence was flooded. Transport difficult and your valuable belongings can be damaged by the floods. Therefore, choose a location where to stay that is not prone to flooding.


Although the house is on the highway or near a highway may be more likely to be exposed to pollution, but it also means that the distance between your house to transport the center is also closer. Place to live near the station, for example, can provide ease bertransportasi motor vehicle if you have problems, or your house flooded streets.

Strategic is something that is subjective. You can decide for yourself whether your residence is within easy reach by other people, or close to a place that you frequently visit. The strategic location means you can do your activities efficiently and when you are not often eaten on the go.

*Supporting facilities*
Supporting facilities may include hospitals, pharmacies, shopping centers, sports centers, post offices, or other facilities that will make your residence into an independent city.



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